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Good Eats ~ Spring Stir-Fry in Peanut Sauce

Who says you can only eat this in Spring! Today we called it Summer Stir-Fry and it was delish. I love when the Mrs.'s comes home with a plan, esp if it's from Kraft and most esp if it is, or is somehow related to ASIAN food!! SO often I think, "If I was on death row...Yeah it would definitely be an ASIAN meal for my final". Don't ask why I think about being on death row or how I'm going to get there. For now I'll just enjoy frequenting my favorite MSG free establishments! MMM...Orange Chicken with white rice and a side of Crab Rangoon please! In an effort to not be selfish, I'll let ya in on this recipe. HERE BTW, This peanut sauce is to die for! Maybe even on death row. Have a great Friday friends.

Stir Fry