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Life ~ "Into the Lake"

I just can't wait to post this any longer! I recently had the pleasure of flying out to sunny California (seriously no rain in 10 days!?) to vacate with my honey and most of all to shoot the wedding of some of my dear friends Kelsey and Michael. Kelsey is a super artist and well...I'll save the rest of that for their wedding post. One of my favorite emails from her went a little like this..."I'm dying to do this & I feel like you'd be perfect to capture it: I want to find a beautiful cliff or something and jump off into the lake in my wedding dress (my leap of faith). I'm totally willing to ruin my dress after the wedding day if it means getting some amazing shots in nature." Let's just say I couldn't make this happen fast enough! It was quite the adventure trying to find the perfect spot but really...we were at LAKE TAHOE! Needless to say, Kelsey did an amazing job and we had a blast. Only a few bumps, scrapes and partially wet outfits. I've posted a few of my favorites from that session and will post more with the wedding.
If I've peaked any of your interest or you have a wedding dress you feel you didn't get your money's worth out of, lets plan an adventure of your own! Think snow, lake, forest, field, waterfall, etc., etc.
Have a great Friday friends!

Into the Lake
Into the Lake