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Inspired | Ten on Ten

On the tenth, of every month, MY FAIR LADY gets her little camera going to contribute to the "Ten on Ten" hosted by REBEKAH GOUGH. Halfway through each of those days, I tell myself I'm going to give the challenge a go. Today I am. So here's one photo, per hour, for ten hours. iPhone only. Updating through the day... 1. I love photos of her...especially film. | 2. Morning journaling. | 3. Faba Bean | 4. Lunch - Homemade Pesto w/ Elbows | 5. She's back! My two wheel love. | 6. Drying Parsley | 7. The bounty from our blueberry bushes. | 8. Abe | 9. Evening at Briar Patch Farm | 10. My Inspiration