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Life ~ A Vintage Weigh-In

Christmas time is here, / happiness and cheer, / fun for all that children / call their favorite time of year.... Yup from my favorite Christmas cartoon and I wouldn't hesitate to say its my favorite time of year. I sadly cheated this year and watched it on DVD as i knew with my schedule, I'd surely miss it. The holidays were great. I've been working on shooting with the new tiny person in my house and she doesn't hesitate to work it! So soon enough I will have more photos than you'd ever want to see of the wee one, but for now, a sweet girl and a tool we're seeing a lot of. Since little Fabienne was born we've had quite the struggle with feedings and weight gain. This shoot represented a milestone for us. Just this week she had significant weight gain and is eating like a "small bear", which is her nickname when she gets a bit grumpy. My vintage queen niece has all sorts of things relic. This scale happen to be one from her collection. Thanks Cait!

There are lots of exciting posts in the works. Two weddings (one from Lake Tahoe), a brand new engagement surprise, Fabienne Joy, Careo, and an expansion on our (Brothers McClurg) recent time in the studio. Stay tuned good people!
Have a great New Year!

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