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Life ~ With Spring Comes...

This amazing need to drive and shoot! Lately I've been thinking that every barn needs to be captured! We are in a desperate search for a new home, a tad further from the brand new ROUNDABOUT, where people seem to lose their minds. Seriously people... It's a circle. Can you really get that lost?
These two dwelling's are from a recent house hunt. The three story barn on the left was quite the attraction for us. We'd really like to buy an old barn and turn it into our home. I have a feeling this one would have given us a few extra wild guests. Things could be worse i'm sure. This lonely guy on the right was the nearest neighbor. Unfortunately, we passed on the home...or fortunately!
Less than a month for a shoot I've been looking forward to for quite some time now! Adirondacks, and of course, Pete & Courtney, HERE I COME!