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Random ~ Niagara Falls

I call it Random. It's when I just have shots to post that don't necessarily have anything to do with anything except that I want to put them together in a picture collage called a blog post. It starts today. It may pop up Randomly here.

Today's randomness is brought to you by Lasik of Niagara, which is where I spent some time recently with my lovely wife. Rather than sit in the waiting room, watching reruns of Friends(they had the seasons on dvd), and thinking of how they're trying to make me laugh so I don't think about the fact that my wife may never see me again, I scoot down the street to Clifton Hills and Niagara Falls. I was surprised to see how close the two were. Marla is very content with the fact that she can see (minus her contacts and glasses) and that makes me content, and so i post. A great day to you all.

Niagara Falls - Clifton Hills
Niagara Falls - Clifton Hills