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A lil Texas Flavor

Recently I had the opportunity to fly out to Austin, TX to sit in on the very first workshop of my pal Clayton Austin. From the moment he picked me up, what ensued were 3 days of non-stop laughter, eating, and meeting wonderful people. It was great to see others fly from many parts of the States to be a part of this as well as meet some local folks like our models Caroline & Ben. Lovely people and fun to hang with. These two are photographers in Austin as well who were recently engaged so the timing couldn't have been more perfect for this "faux" shoot. I love the passion that was shared from Clayton and the others for photography. It's refreshing to see/hear others viewing their images as art. I'm always in awe of the feelings a photograph can capture or create. This is my goal. Create art that evokes emotion. Here are a few of my personal favs from our shoot with Caroline+Ben.

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