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A New Year & Waterfall

It's a few days late, but it's the thought that counts! I hope all of you had a great New Year's time as well as a great Christmas. Each year seems to get a little more busy but also a little more amazing. I'm surrounded by great people. I'm really looking forward to this year. I have a feeling it's going to hold many exciting times and have already booked what are going to be some really cool shoots. I'm beginning to explore many of the areas nearby a little more and are finding many amazing places to shoot. One of my recent favorites is another falls found to be part of the "Attica Cascades". This shot is part of the flow coming downstream and is one of the first with my new ND Filter. I'm really looking forward to Spring/Summer to photograph this spot seeing as how most of this falls is ice at the moment. Nevertheless, I'm out looking and shooting and will continue to take you on my journey.
Thanks for all your comments and support.

Attica Cascade