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Great Outdoors ~ A Park In Winter

We had a wonderful snow on Thursday and it was all I could do to get my work finished so that I could go outside to play! Kinda felt like i was in Elementary School again. I decided it'd be a great day to pull the snowshoes out and head to the County Park. Winter Wonderland. Amazing. Alone. All thing's that came to mind. As I was heading down the trail a gust of wind picked up and began tossing snow and ice from the treetops. I knew I wanted to capture this so I positioned myself so that I could catch the sun behind some of the snow as it took flight. It took a few different positions to figure how to make this more interesting then i saw this tree which looked like it had a story of its own and positioned myself behind it. It was perfect. After about 15 minutes the gust came and lit up the trail right where I had anticipated.

I Love New York.

A County Park Winter